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A Reflection - Fragile

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Overall Outcome of Fragile

The Playground Gallery team members worked hard to plan and execute our first ever show, Fragile. We are pleased to announce that this event was a major success for Playground Gallery team members and all featured artists, James Houghton, Marty Trammell, Perry Chandler, Crimson Ravarra, Lauren Spielman, Brady Wolchansky, Effy Mitchell, Emily Thomas, Elene Shavgulidze, and Danny Marie. Playground Gallery Team members worked diligently to install this show and prepare to open up the space to the public. On August 31st the show opened up to the public at 1 pm, a steady flow of curious viewers filled the gallery continuously throughout the day. The opening reception for Fragile was held on August 31st from 5:30-8:00 pm. People began to flood into the space to show support at the opening reception, the number of people in attendance was overwhelming in the best way. Viewers enjoyed browsing the collection of featured works and getting the opportunity to speak with the artists. Members of the Playground Gallery are still engulfed with the support and love that the community brought to our first event. We are beyond excited to be working with new artists to culminate new events in the near future.

Overview of Events

Although this show lasted only two days in duration, Fragile was packed with events throughout both days of the exhibition. Show attendees and passersby assembled periodically for artist talks delivered by Julia Yusem, Sarie Bettineski, and Crimson Ravarra. Local Musicians Cortez Ravarra, Tristan Trotter, and Ben Cosloypm lighted the gallery atmosphere with a variety of musical performances. Afternoon poem readings by Wendy Noonan and Sam Spieller offered a quiet and intimate moment for gallery visitors. Featured artist Emily Thomas offered her skills as a live portrait artist on opening day, visitors jumped at the chance to see Emily at work! The variety of events included in the Fragile exhibition contributed immensely to the overall success of the event. These events encouraged the public to interact with local artists and their work. The Playground Gallery would again like to thank all participating artists and performers for their contributions.

Outcomes for Featured Artists

Playground Gallery is thrilled with the vast amount of support we have received from our community. We wrapped up our first event Fragile with a guest book full of names of those who attended. The success of our first show encourages us to build a stronger foundation for future events. Featured artists in this exhibition showcased their works to a diverse audience of art community members and local passersby in the area. Artists gained experience while talking with the public about their works and their practices. While several artists made a sale during the event, many gained valuable experience through interacting and engaging with the public. The primary intent of Fragile and all Playground Gallery events is to provide emerging artists and students with the opportunity to share their work with the public and gain professional experience while doing so.


While the Playground Gallery is still in its infancy, we have received a massive amount of support from our community and our team members. The creator and curator of the Playground Gallery, Limei Lai, is the dedicated architect of this blossoming foundation. She played an integral role as the curator of our first show Fragile and she is working diligently to prepare for our upcoming events. Fragile was held at Inspire Wellness (7319 N. John Avenue Portland OR 97203) owned and operated by Justin Janicki. Playground Gallery and all featured artists are beyond grateful that Justin offered his space for our first exhibition. Justin even selflessly offered his help during both the installation and de-installation process. The donation of this space laid a strong foundation for the Fragile show and brought union to our team members. All members of Playground Gallery and our featured artists would like to thank Justin and his family for all of their love and support during this event, the show space was beautiful!

Taylor Evans

Intern Curator

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