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Home Exhibition Press Release - Event Schedule

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

  • (Upcoming Show/Home)

Playground Gallery (PGG) is pleased to announce our upcoming show Home, an exhibition that expresses the artist's definition of what home can mean, whether it is comfort, vulnerability, or the physical space that reflects your innermost desires.

This exhibition aims to showcase the work of 30 students, 5 alumni and 5 guest artists(instructors). It not only contains a large amount of great artworks, live music, a panel discussion, artist talks, and workshops, Playground Gallery team also created a performance art piece to link the works, the events, and the creative conversations together, to build the community memory and achieve a larger idea of HOME.

A booklet that records the though

ts of the exhibition participants (featured artists, audience, and PGG team) will be the final celebration for this HOME party!

The exhibition will start on July 9th and close on July 17th. Artist talks, penal conversation, workshops, poem readings, and live music will be hosted on 7/09, 7/10,7/16, and 7/17.

Opening reception begins 3pm on 7/09, closing party is 5pm on 7/17.

The Bed You Made, oil on panel by Julianna Paradisi.

  • (A Book about HOME)

The works of featured artists and their writing about home, feedback from the audience, panel discussion highlights, workshop moments, and reviews from art professionals will be edited into an art book. The book will be presented in the future PGG exhibitions at the reception desk. a copy will be offered to the PNCA library. We will upload a PDF version on the PGG website. The book will act as a permanent record that showcases artists and their works along with the critical thinking about t

he idea of home: a permanent, fundamental, and important philosophical practice in human life.

  • Exhibition Events and Workshops Schedule


3 - 3:30pm Reading - Sam Spieller

4pm -5:10pm Panel Discussion

- guest artists (Emily Ginsburg, Michael Lazarus, Kristin Roger Brown)

4:30 - 4:50pm and 5:10 - 5:30 Live Music - Tristan &Ben


1-3pm Ceramic Workshop - Marty Trammell

4:30-5pm Portrait Drawing - Ariel Hargrove, Shezuet Miller, Tyler Young

3:30 - 5 pm Artist talk - Group 2

- Tyler Young, Stevie Hale, Simone Fisher, Fio Ballerini, Trey Montgomery

4-4:20 and 5:10-5:30 Live Music - Jeremy


3 - 4pm Artist Talk - Group 3

- Shir Grisanti, Julianna Paradisi, Ran Sheng, Melanie Treuhaft

3:40- 5:00 Bookbinding workshop - Gaz Davis, Eli Karrick


2-3:10pm Embroidery Workshop - Limei Lai

3:30-4pm Poem Reading - Wendy Noonan

4-5pm Artist Talk - Group 4

- Sung Eun Park, Justin Tuttle, Blue Corvidae

5-5:30pm Closing Party

  • (About Playground)

In 2021, a group of PNCA artists came together to form a Playground Gallery(PGG) that focuses on artist inclusion and community outreach, creating a multifaceted space that tailors to the unique needs of emerging artists and art community members. PGG exhibitions are a collaboration between established artists, emerging artists, and art students. Primarily serving Willamette PNCA stud

ents and alumni, we strive to build a creative community that inspires both artists and viewers. A combination of studio workshops, live demonstrations, artist talks, and music create a playground where all individuals are free to learn, get inspired, collaborate, and play.

  • (Playground Gallery Team)

President and founder: Limei Lai

Treasurer: Marty Trammell

Secretary: Rachel Gering

Creative Consultant: Wendy Noonan

Design Team:

Perry Chandler

M. Gaz Davis

Justin Tuttle

Documentation Team:

Ariel Hargrove

Simone Ficher

Trey Montgomery

Editorial team:

Julianna Paradisi

Connor Jeffries

Jarnelle Robinson

Tyler Young

Rachel Gering

Installation and On-site Management Team:

Marty Trammell

Emmett Slack

Reny Simon

Stevie Hale

Shezuet Miller

This event is supported by:

City of Portland, Events Action Table, Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) and the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA)

Willamette University, Pacific Northwest College of Art

Multnomah County Cultural Coalition

Maddox Building

Pearl District Portfolio

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