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July Art Show - Fragile

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

Playground Gallery is pleased to present “Fragile,” a group exhibition that reveals our unstable social structure, the extreme cultural conflicts of today, and the delicacies of our mental/physical selves during the pandemic. Art and artists are particularly important during this challenging time, creative expression of emotion is evocative and honest. “Fragile” will be on display at Inspire Wellness in Portland Oregon from July 31st to August 1st. Activities such as poetry reading, artist talks, music and more will be held.

The aftermath of global fear led to the rapid raised level of uncertainty in our communities and thus heavily affects the way artists live and create. The aftermath of a fear shared across the globe has led to a rapid rise of uncertainty in our communities, heavily affecting the way artists live and create.

A whole range of emotion can be seen in these works - panic, loneliness, confusion, and the yearning of being loved and caring for others. Through these works, artists ponder over how human lives changed and speculate how the future will be shaped by the history of 2020.

While the works demonstrate a diversity in materials and execution, they maintain a cohesive demonstration of fragility. James Houghtons’ works tactfully give a soft fluid presentation of the hard but fragile ceramic. Brady Wolchansky embraces human endeavors in her witty performance, the transformation between fragile and powerful energy within. These creative minds are inspiring, the talented works are very much needed at this very moment to bring us together in soul.

Art Show:Fragile

On Show: 7/31 - 8/01

Location: Inspire Wellness (7319 N John Ave UNIT 101, Portland, OR 97203)

Curator: Limei Lai

Featured artists: James Houghton, Marty Trammell, Perry Chandler, Crimson Ravarra, Lauren Spielman, Brady Wolchansky, Effy Mitchell, Emily Thomas, Elene Shavgulidze, Danny Marie

Events on 7/31:

1. Music - Cortez Ravarra - 1pm

2. Artist Talk- Julia Yusem - 2pm

3. Poem reading - Wendy Noonan - 3:30 pm

4. Music performance - Tristan Trotter and Ben Cosloypm - 4pm

5. Artist Talk - Perry Chandler - 5 pm

6. Portrait drawing - Emily Thomas - 6pm

Events on 8/01:

1. Artist Talk - Sarie - 2 pm

2. Poem reading - Sam Spieller- 3:30 pm

3. Music - Cortez Ravarra- 4pm

4. Artist Talk - Crimson Ravarra - 5pm

About Playground Gallery Organization:

Playground Gallery is a community pop-up gallery that focuses primarily on showcasing emerging artists’ and art students' works. Playground Gallery offers artists’ and students an opportunity to gain professional experience through mentorship and training workshops. Free workshops are provided to assist artists with statement writing, bio writing, scholarship writing and other community opportunities. We host a monthly art show on the last weekend of every month. The pop-up concept allows Playground Gallery to interact within the community and allows for emerging artists to gain insight and experience. This gallery serves as a playground for artists and viewers, it provides a space to foster and inspire artistic growth and challenge.


Follow us on instagram: @playgroundgallery

Gallery Email:


Playground Gallery team:

Curator: Limei Lai

Intern curator Taylor Evans

Designer: Perry Chandler, Crimson Ravarra

Treasurer: Marty Trammell

Creative Consultant: Wendy Noonan

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