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July Art Show - Fragile

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Hooray! We proudly saw the building of this two-day show came to a successful ending. Not only that we showcased great works from the eleven emerging artists, listened to two newly created poems about "fragile" from our beloved writers, enjoyed three live music performances, and participated in the live portrait drawing and collective collage drawing, we also got to meet and have conversations with so many friends, families, community members, and new audiences. A sense of appreciation was shown through the smile on the faces, the hugs and hand shaking, the thoughts sharing and listening; all these warmed our hearts during this challenging time and made us stronger to support each other.

We thank you all:

--- Justin Janicki at Inspire Wellness St John's for supporting us this amazing space.

--- Our great teacher and dear friend V Maldonado for the talk.

--- Writer Wendy Noonan and Sam Spieller for the poem readings.

--- Musicians Tristan Trotter, Ben Cosloy, Cortez Ravarra for the live music.

--- Artists Perry Chandler, Crimson Ravarra, Sarie Bettineski, and Julia Yusem's artist talks.

--- Artist Emily Thomas' portrait drawing section.

--- All featured artists. Elene Shavgulidze, Danny Marie, Marty Trammell, Emily Thomas, Taylor Evans, Limei Lai, Crimson Ravarra, Perry Chandler, James Houghton' awesome artworks.

--- James Houghton for helping with installation and taking down the show.

--- Team members for your hardworks: Curator Limei Lai, Intern Curator Taylor Evans, Photographer Crimson Ravarra, Designer Perry Chandler, Installation director and treasurer Marty Trammell.

--- And so much love and hearts send out to people who came in to support us!!!!

Below are some picutures and video links to see Fragile:

Portrait drawing:

Poem reading:

Live music:

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